Family strenghtening and orphanhood preventing

Helping the local community to improve the life situation of vulnerable families, the Association “SOS Children's Villages of Uzbekistan” contributes to the well-being of families and children, strengthening the importance and importance of the family environment for the growth and development of children, as well as the prevention of social orphanhood.

Since 2007, the Association has been running the Family Strengthening Service, which provides comprehensive assistance to families in difficult situations in order to create the most favorable conditions for the development of a child in his own family.

The ongoing work with families includes a range of services aimed at preventing social orphanage and preventing children from getting into alternative types of care:

• Educational, medical, psychological and social assistance, improving the living conditions of the child, support in the formation of the child’s self-awareness.
• Development of the abilities and skills of adults to care for children and protect their rights and interests.
• Improving material status and ensuring a stable income by assisting parents in obtaining professional qualifications, employment and starting a small business.

In the Social Centers established within the framework of the Association, a set of necessary socio-psychological services is provided, assistance in finding employment and legal support, and in Social Enterprises organized as part of projects, families in difficult life situations can improve their economic situation and gain economic independence.

At the Social Centers there are Centers for Children's Day Care, where children play and study while their parents consult with specialists or work and study at the Social Enterprise.

Our achievements for 2007-2016

• About 2,000 children from 735 families in the cities of Tashkent, Urgench and Samarkand received social, psychological and educational support.
• On average, 10 children are temporarily staying every month at the Center for the provision of short-term care for children in Samarkand, whose families find themselves in difficult life circumstances. In the center they receive medical, pedagogical, psychological and social assistance, while the Association’s specialists work with their families.
• 15 jobs were created in 3 pilot social enterprises in 2 makhallas of the city of Samarkand, in order to increase the level of family well-being.
• 170 children returned to their families after the crisis was resolved and the atmosphere became acceptable for their return.
• 60% of families receiving services - Family Strengthening Services, left the service due to the restoration of their socio-economic well-being.